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Words Hurt, Choose the Right Word.

Words Hurts. Always choose the right word. Words once spoken can never be taken back again. Don’t speak when you are angry and frustrated. You might say what you will regret later.

Don’t abuse anyone verbally be it your spouse, parents, friends or children. Verbal abuse have destroyed many marriages and so many people are enduring their marriage instead of enjoying it. This is because their spouse verbally abuses them on the slightest provocation.

Why do you hurt your loved ones with your choice of words. The Bible admonishes us to always speak that which is good and edifying, not that which is hurtful to our neighbours.

Why do you make trouble in your neighbourhood. Why do you abuse your neighbours verbally whenever a misunderstanding occurs.

Please stop, stop hurting people with your words. It’s not good for a child of God, ok.

Thank you very much. Promise me today that you will always choose your words wisely and never speak that which will hurt another, ok. I love you.

Remain blessed
Your friend


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