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Welcome to Genius Palace. A faith based community dedicated to empowering, inspiring and helping people achieve their dreams. At the same time promoting love, peace, unity and faith in Christ Jesus in the unverse.

Why We are Here

Here at Genius Palace our Mission is:

To Inspire You

inspire a genius @Genius Palace
We are here to inspire you to greatness. You are the best, believe in yourself, we believe in you.

To Empower You

empower a genius
We know you have dreams and aspiratioons, our desire is to see you accomplish it. We wiil help you achieve your dreams.

To Connect Lives

Connection and team work @Genius Palace
We connect you to your team or network where you will find people with similar interests and goals.

To Deepen Your Christian Life

connect to God @Genius Palace

A deeper relationship with Christ is the ultimate goal in the life of a believer. Here we Help you deepen your relationship with Christ

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Arms Of Genius Palace

These are the various channels through which we unleash the Genius in Each Person.


Genius For Christ

This is the arm of Genius Palace dedicated to raising young men and women with the fear of God in them. Youths who would declare for Christ in this end time. Here at Genius Palace we believe that a life without Christ is crisis and a Genius without Christ is empty that’s why every Genius here is for Christ. Do you want to be a Genius for Christ? Enter Here!


Genius For Life

This is the arm of Genius Palace dedicated to protecting pregnant mothers and their unborn babies. We fight against abortion and teenage pregnancy, especially those who are under pressure to abort their babies and those who are ignorant of what they are about to do. We believe that every Genius should be for life, since his or she was born because the mother chose life not abortion. Are you a Genius for life? Enter Here!


Genius Palace Intellectual Center (GPIC) is an arm of Genius Palace dedicated to unleashing the intellectual Genius in every young person. We are here to get the brains of the youths functioning at their maximum. No one is too dull to learn or too old to learn, a Genius is someone who never stops learning and who is the best in his field. Do you want to be the best in your field? Do you want to unleash the power of your brain? Enter Here!


Genius Palace Entertainment Group

Genius Palace Entertainment Group (GPEG) is an arm of Genius Palace dedicated to inspiring, empowering and promoting young, upcoming Christian Artistes, Writers, Actors, Actresses, directors, producers, etc and the Christian Entertainment industry in general. We want to move the Christian entertainment industry to the next level! Do you want to be part of this great project? Enter Here!

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