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After a sorrowful night, Joy comes in the morning to wipe out the memories of the night. But yesterday night was not a sorrowful night it was a joyful night! It was Easter Sunday Night and today is Easter Monday Morning. Today is the like the morning after your wedding day. How did you feel… Continue reading JOY COMES IN THE MORNING.

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My Heart Burns.

My heart burns, My head aches, My eyes hurts, Sorrow in my heart, Pain in my soul, Tears in my eyes, Standing alone in the midst of a crowd, Surrounded but abandoned, Laughing but in tears, My Heart Burns I fear this darkness, This darkness that surrounds me, It's a dark and lonely place, I… Continue reading My Heart Burns.

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Happy birthday To Me.

Happy birthday to me. On this occasion of my birthday I want to specially in a special way thank my Lord Jesus, the Alpha and Alpha, the beginning and the end. For all his love and mercy towards me. Lord Jesus I love you. Thank you Father, if this is the way you Father me,… Continue reading Happy birthday To Me.

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This Distance Hurts.

Everyday I sit in silence watching the sun rise and not having the heart to watch it set. Oh no, I can't watch another day go. My heart is in pain, the pain of separation. Am lost in my thoughts, wandering about in an unfamiliar terrain, looking for my distant half. This distance hurts, I… Continue reading This Distance Hurts.

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Trust in God and Never Give Up.

BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES : Once upon a time, there lived a farmer in one of the agricultural plains in Nigeria by name Mr. Idike. During one of the planting season, the farmer and his family invested all their resources and effort in planting, as that was their only source of livelihood. The children had… Continue reading Trust in God and Never Give Up.

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Buchi Emecheta: Promoting Women Through Her Books

I first got to know her through her book "THE JOYS OF MOTHERHOOD". That was many years ago when I was still in primary school. The book captivated me I just loved it even though some of the words were too big for me considering my age and level of education then, yet it didn't… Continue reading Buchi Emecheta: Promoting Women Through Her Books

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Words Hurt, Choose the Right Word.

Words Hurts. Always choose the right word. Words once spoken can never be taken back again. Don't speak when you are angry and frustrated. You might say what you will regret later. Don't abuse anyone verbally be it your spouse, parents, friends or children. Verbal abuse have destroyed many marriages and so many people are… Continue reading Words Hurt, Choose the Right Word.

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Face Your Fears

Fear has two meanings; Face Everything and Rise and Forget Everything and Run Make your choice. I advise you choose the first. Fear has to be faced or it will affect our full manifestation. How we react to fear determines whether we shall overcome it or not. Fear not your fear rather face your fear.… Continue reading Face Your Fears

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Awake! Oh Giant of Africa.

Nigeria, Rise from your slumper, Awake for your enemies are killing your children. Awake for your enemies are destroying your land, Awake for your children are killing each other. Awake for your children are dying of hunger. Awake for your leaders are making fun of you. Oh Nigeria, Giant of Africa. You are strong but… Continue reading Awake! Oh Giant of Africa.