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The Real Man?

Where are the Men?
As a boy growing up I used to wonder why manhood or the act of being a man is associated with certain negative behaviours. I can still recall those times some young boys used to go to hidden places to smoke. Some I used to see then would buy alcohol and pour it into white leather bags and be drinking it as if it were water. This is done so as to avoid being caught by their parents or superiors.
I look back and I thank God for the right formation and the right people that shielded me from such negative influence. As a youth you are constantly drawn in different directions, all claiming to be the ideal definition of the life of a youth. That’s why you need the right information and training to know what it takes to be a real man.
Now “where are the men ?”. What does it take to be a man? You were once “Obi is a boy” now you are “Obi is a man”. First of all let me dispose off those false criteria you once thought were the true measure of a man.
1. Alcohol is not a measure of manhood. Don’t be deceived you are not less a man if you don’t take alcohol. If people are boasting of how much alcohol they can consume in a sitting don’t feel left out. If you want to boast, boast of the Lord. Alcohol has sent many to their early grave, crashed marriages and has also sent many to hell. Avoid it dear man of honour!
2. Drug Abuse is not a criterion for knowing who is a man. You don’t have to consume cocaine to prove your manhood. Remember this is the devil’s tactics of destroying the lives of our youth. Avoid drugs.
3. Smoking is not a measure of manhood. You don’t become more a man by smoking. Smoking is deadly for your health, your heart is in danger. Indian hemp, cigarette, marijuana, Igbo and the likes are all illusions. Fly away from smoking!
4. Sexual Immorality is not a measure of manhood. You might feel left out because all your friends seems to have chains of girlfriends and are well experienced in sex. Don’t be bothered my dear all this are deceptive measures the devil uses to hold our young men captive. Some have tied their destiny to spiritual wives. That you have slept with all the girls in your lodge doesn’t make you a man it makes you a male prostitute. Avoid pre marital sex.
5. Partying is not a measure of manhood. On Friday nights you are always the only boy in your room or hostel, don’t be deceived by the negative talks you receive. Sex Party, club, all these things are just temporal pleasure that leads to eternal pain. You as a young man needn’t destroy your life. Don’t help the devil in killing your soul.
You are a man of honour. You are a Genius. The world awaits your manifestation. Don’t stoop so low as to engage in those worldly things. Show to the whole world the stuff you are made of. Plan your life, have a vision, a dream. Be the best you were meant to be.
Now ” Where are the Men? “
…. To be continued
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Remain blessed
Men of Honour (MoH)


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