mcn, Thank God Its Friday (TGIF)

Your Death Oh Lord on the Cross for Me.

Your death Oh Lord Jesus Christ on the cross for my sins, will never be in vain.

Even though sin and temptation might attempt to take me away, I shall never leave you.

Even though trials and temptations might attempt to frustrate me, I shall not ridicule your death for me.

Even though failures, disappointments and setbacks might weigh heavily on me, I shall never let you go.

Even though the world might rise against me, against my belief in you, I shall never denounce my faith in you.

Even though I might get confused about life, not making sense of the essence of living, I shall not denounce my love for you.

Your death oh Lord, on the cross for my sins, on Good Friday will never be in vain.

Thank you Jesus
I love you Jesus
I adore you Jesus
I glorify you Jesus
I declare for you Jesus
I worship you Jesus

To all my brothers and sisters in the Lord,
Let us all adore him and worship him.

Let us all reject sin, reject satan and all his pomps and works.

Let us all reject immorality and impunity, all sexual impurity, abortion, pornography, fornication, adultery, masturbation, homosexualism, indecent exposure, prostitution.

Let us all reject lies, corruption, bribery, terrorism, murder, witchcraft, voodoo, magic.

Let us all make the death of Jesus on the cross count.

I love you Jesus
mcn loves you.

Tell Jesus today that you love him.

God bless you.


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