Genius Palace, mcn, Poems

This Distance Hurts.

Everyday I sit in silence watching the sun rise and not having the heart to watch it set.

Oh no, I can’t watch another day go.

My heart is in pain,
the pain of separation.

Am lost in my thoughts,
wandering about in an unfamiliar terrain,
looking for my distant half.

This distance hurts,

I have fond memories of you.
Sweet at the beginning,
but painful at the end.

Life is beautiful,
Only when you are with me,
Life is sweet,
only when you are by my side

You are far,
but you live in my heart,
You are not here,
but I feel your presence.

This distance hurts.

I shall live with the hope of your returning,
I shall keep our beautiful memories alive,
I shall wait for your return.

Even though this distance hurts,
I shall not live in pain again.


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