Inspirational and Motivational Tuesday (IMT)

You Can Achieve it if You Are Determined

Listen dear friend,
Your goals and aspirations most times do not come easy. If you really want to travel this road of success and positive impactation in the lives of people then be ready to have a flat tyre along the way. When you have a flat tyre along the way of achieving your dreams what do you do? Do you give up and abandon your quest?

No you don’t! Even if you find yourself in a lonely road with no one to help you, do not give up.

Be determined to see this journey to the end. Be determined to see to the end of your struggles in life. Be determined to see your successful end.
Be determined to overcome adversities.
Be determined to succeed.
Be determined to win.

Yes Determination you need Determination.

You have to make up your mind to find a way or you make a way.

God is always on the side of those who never give up and are determined. HE never gave up on us. He was determined to save us no matter how bad or sinful we may have become. He won’t give up on you.

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Do you know what kept Thomas Edison going even after failing many times. Do you know what kept Abraham Lincoln stuck to his goal of making a positive impact in America.

The Answer is determination. They were determined to see their vision manifest. Edison was determined to see a light bulb burn and give light without burning out.

Do you know what will catapult you to success. It’s Determination.

Remember it’s not all about success it’s also about impact. It’s not all about you it’s also about others. How many people will you put smiles on their faces. How many people will you restore hope and joy to their lives. When you eventually become successful don’t forget those who are still struggling. Don’t be a selfish successful person. Waiting for you at the top.

Be positive, you are the best, may God give you the needed grace.

I love you.

Remain blessed.
Inspirational and Motivational Tuesday (IMT).