Genius Palace, mcn, Saturday Morning Sunshine (SMS)

Love Never Ends.

Valentine may have come and gone but love never ends.
It is not limited to one day among the 365 days.
It fills the whole year and spills over to the next.
It doesn’t end with a heartbreak.
The heart repairs itself whenever it’s broken allowing love to grow again. Love finds love.
And when two identical loves meet they stick.
Let your love find his love.
Allow your heart to feel the feelings of his love.
Open it,
Let the dews of love fall again upon the heart.
Open it,
Let the joy of love fill the heart again.
Open it,
Let your love find its love.

Hey dear, I hope you loved that poem. Good, look you know we just celebrated Valentine’s day a few days ago and I was just thinking about love. Yes, love. That which binds the whole world together.

Does love ever end. After a heartbreak what next? After Valentine’s day What next?

So today I want to talk to those who do not believe in love again. Yes, especially those whom love has hurt so much in the past. Maybe you loved him or her so much and at the end he or she abandons you, or betrays you or forgets you or breaks your heart and because of that you don’t believe in love again.
Dear, you don’t have to harden up your heart, ok. Love never ends. If this one doesn’t work another would work. Your love will find another love that will stay forever.

It cuts across different aspects of life. It could parents whose kids abandon after they laboured so much for them to bring them up. It could be a friend, a sister, or brother, uncles, aunts who abandons you or fails You when you needed him or her most. Don’t let that heartbreak define your life. Don’t let it control your heart. Take control of your heart and open it up again for love to find it. Love is not bad or wicked or heartless but people could be. The good people with good heart will give you a reason to smile because of love. Now is the time to believe in love again.

Remember love never ends.
I love you dear! I really do.

Remain blessed
mcn loves you
Saturday Morning Sunshine (SMS)


2 thoughts on “Love Never Ends.”

  1. When you try to find love in a human being you only get hurt but when you seek love in Christ Jesus you find much love, for love made him to die for you and I and love made him to give us a comforter,love made him to give us a guide, love made him to give us his army as security(angels) love made him to be an intercessor TRUE LOVE COMES FROM CHRIST

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