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Be Yourself. You are Best When You Are You

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
_Oscar Wilde

You are one unique individual with unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. You are not like me, you are not me. That is why you don’t have to be me, be you.

Some many times I see people who are hiding their true self, their identify trying to be someone else and it hurts me to see them struggling to fit in. Listen never try to be someone else, be you. You can admire someone else, learn from someone else, but not to be someone else, be you.

My mentor is Dr Ben Carson a famous Neurosurgeon, I admire him, I get motivated by his life, achievement, belief and works but I do not aspire to become Dr Ben Carson rather I want to be Marcel Chijekwu Nduaguba (mcn).

Comparison kills.
One of the greatest thing that kills our self confidence and self belief is comparison. Believe me, I have gone through it many times and it’s never a good place to be. Sometimes I have seen myself compare myself with another person and at the end I will feel very bad and depressed. Why? Does it not prove to you that am unnecessarilly hurting myself. Never you compare your life to another person’s life. Even if the person is your twin brother or sister. Everyone on earth is meant to follow a unique path to life. You are not going to follow the same path with your friend. Destiny is unique to every individual. Your destiny will lead you to your destination, it might take longer than it does for your friend. But you must surely reach yours.


Social media such as fecebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp and the likes are very good for maintaining contact between friends and family but beware of the false reality it creates. People are always happy and moving on on social media, there are hardly sad moments. Which is false, life is a marriage of happy times and sad moments so when you take it that your life is not the best because your friends on facebook are always posting about happy and beautiful moments and you don’t have any to share. You are not helping yourself, you are comparing your life to social media status updates which is not a true representation of life. Don’t you know that people actually post their best on social media. Their best picture, best moments and not always the true state of their heart or life. So please beware of social media life it is not always a true representation of reality. Don’t become obsessed by facebook likes and comments. Will all know how it feels to post something so cool on facebook and yet we get no likes or comments. Dear young lady don’t join those group of ladies that post indecent pictures of themselves on facebook just to get likes and comments. This is how bad it has gotten, for mere likes and comments a lady intentionally exposes her breasts. This is so sad. Be You. Facebook likes and comments do not change you.

Steps to Be You.

Discover Yourself:

Learn who you are. Like I said before you are one unique individual. Discover who you truly are. Be able to write an autobiography, a clear story, description of yourself, your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses etc. You should be able to say, this is me. I am like this, am like that, I like Vegetables, I don’t like fruits. Yes and that is you. Now look inwards, meditate on your life. And through that see yourself for who you are. Discover yourself, learn who you truly are. And then define yourself. Be able to say this is me. Discover, Learn, Define.

Accept Yourself:

If you don’t accept yourself I wouldn’t accept you. If you don’t like yourself why would I like you. If you reject yourself why do you expect people to accept you. Accept yourself first, welcome yourself wholeheartedly. If every other person rejects you don’t reject yourself. In your heart and mind say ; I (your name) I accept myself wholeheartedly.

Love Yourself:

Christ Jesus told up to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. You must love yourself. Do You love Yourself? If you truly want to be the best version of yourself you have to love yourself. You have made a mistake in the past, you have failed, yes but still love yourself. Love yourself unconditionally. Say,

I (your name) love myself.


This is very important. These people will help you be the very best of yourself. Don’t go with those who bring you down always. Those who are Always finding faults with whatever you say or do. Go with those who encourage you and help you when you are weak. They are the best.


Don’t think you should be. No one is, we all have our imperfections. I have mine too, don’t think I don’t have because am writting this I have. So you have weaknesses. So you have made mistakes, you have taken wrong decisions, wrong steps. Yes, You are not perfect. Don’t feel bad. My dear be yourself, ok.

Always be you. Pretence is very bad, it can ruin your chances of making an impact in life. If you like a particular thing be confident enough to stick with it. In relationship don’t pretend. Show your true self. You are the best. Someone who loves you should accept you for who you are. So please show him or her who you are.

Ok, my conclusion is be yourself, be real, be true, love yourself. YOU ARE THE BEST WHEN YOU ARE YOU. I love you so much.

Remain blessed
Your friend


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