Throwback Thursday (TBT)


Modesty is an attitude, an authetic Christian knows that he or she is an ambassador of Christ. This means that he or she should represent Christ in all things, dressing inclusive. Many worldly fashion have arisen. What some foreign celebraties especially ladies do is to compete on the ground of who will be more naked that the other! :
And you child of God should desist from indecent exposure. Read and correct yourself.
(1) If your cleavage, that is the v shape on your chest is exposed, it is unchristian and ungodly. Some dresses are designed that way, but You can remedy this by wearing an underwear that covers it up!

(2)If you are a man and you fix hair, piece your ear like women, and do all sorts of feminine things. You are a man not a woman. Barbers shall eat, go and have a hair cut. Musicians beware!

(3) If you do wear see through dresses, miniskirt, bump shorts, Stop! your body, your thighs are private not public properties!
Is my dressing covering my body or exposing it? Is it Tempting people or saving them, inviting lust or inviting love? Is it honouring satan or God. These are questions we should be asking ourselves when it comes to modesty in clothing.
Many children of God do not know that indecent dressing is one of the ways in which satan uses to drag souls to his kingdom. Many who follow worldly fashion sheepishly, do not know that are already his agents, working to win souls for lucifer. Be careful!
Those ministers of God that hardly correct their erring members for fear of loosing them are digging their own grave. Many men of God have been brought down by these agents of darkness disguising as “sisters in the Lord”.
Be warned!
They don’t come to church to worship God but rather to distract men and drag the weak ones down. And so many of our sisters have joined them in dressing seductively, thinking it’s normal. It’s not normal, it’s demonic!

There are many voices in your head, each telling you what it thinks is the right way. The voice of the Holy Spirit, the voice of the world, the voice of satan, and your own voice which arises from your own selfish passions.
But dear Listen to what the Spirit is saying, the Spirit of God gave you life on the day of your baptism.

(1)If you have joined the people that ‘package’ their body by puffing up their chest and exposing the upper part of their breast, desist from doing so again! Those agents of darkness that began it, started it so as to drag people to the kingdom of darkness. Are you one of them? If you are not, then stop!

(2)Are you one of those that wear short skirts, miniskirts and gowns that are above your knee, making it impossible for you to sit down comfortably without using handkerchief or your hand to cover up yourself, stop!
Let no one deceive, satan is very cunny, deception is his art. Let go of your stubborness and flee.
Remain blessed

This post a series of three post was first published on February 8th and 11th 2016 and re-posted today so as to draw you closer to God.

Mcn loves you.
Throwback Thursday (TBT)



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