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Woman: I am a Woman. Building up your Femininity.

Traits traditionally cited as feminine
include gentleness, empathy, and sensitivity, caring, sweetness, compassion, tolerance, nurturance.

As a woman these traits shouldn’t be sacrificed on the alter of anything be it career, or pursuit of success. Watching how mothers take care of their children gives you a glimpse of what women are capable of doing.

You are a woman. You add compassion to a world where hostility exists. You add love and care. You are sensitive to the needs of people. You are gentle and sweet.

The world needs women who are women not women. Some female bosses tend to act like men and end up doing it wrongly becoming insensitive and rude to the workers under her. But the good female bosses take their femininity to their work place and turn it into a joyful environment.

You are a woman, you are strong and you are allowed to dream big but do not act like a man and through that lose your identity. Be yourself, you are the best

Remain blessed
Winning Women on Wednesday (WWW)


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