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Team Spirit and Team Work Needed for Maximum Productivity.


Team work is very essential in every establishment. In the hospital doctors, nurses & other medical staff work together to restore the health of patients. If there is friction between them the patients suffer, & productivity of the hospital reduces. When the workers are working together for the good of the establishment there is an atmosphere of happiness and fulfilment that usually follows it.

If you want to be very productive you have to cultivate that team spirit in you. Some workers do not want to work alongside anybody they want to take all the glory, and this isn’t good. It’s not everything that you can accomplish all alone.

I was working in an establishment where there was little team spirit and team work, and this led to unnecassasy friction and low
productivity but when I was transfered to another department where team spirit was well at work, my productivity shot up.

Time to soar high.

Remain blessed
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