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If You Must Boast………….

Today Our President, President Buhari is sick and to some people why should he be sick. If I may ask is he not  a human being, human beings fall sick and he is not immuned from falling sick. That’s why even he shouldn’t boast of anything he has because it can vanish at anytime without notice. The power he has now can be taken away tomorrow. 

The Bible says if you anyone must boast, let him boast of the Lord ( 1Cor. 1;31). The former President of the Gambia was once very powerful but he had to escape from his own land. What is it that you have now stop boasting about it, stop acting as if you are irreplaceable. Be humble and poor in spirit, understand that what you have now is a gift from God. Your beauty, your wealth, your intelligence, power,etc were all given to you to use it for the good of the society and for the Glory of Our Lord Jesus.

There is this story of a man who was very strong and agile, he had everything going for him. He had a wife but he wasn’t satisfied with his wife, he was very promiscuous going after anything on skirt. He told his wife he was a man, an African man and has right to have as many wives as he wanted. He kept boasting of how sexually active and handsome he was. Did this last long? No. A day came when he was struck with complete stroke which completely paralyzed him and reduced him to a vegetable. Everyone abandoned him except his wife, the same wife whom he neglected and abused. If you must boast……

To our young and vibrant youth stop boasting of negative things, stop boasting of your sexual escapades. Stop boasting about drugs, women and crime. One day you may lose that your youthful vigour and strength. Even the young ladies should take heed, the beauty and body you pride about is temporal. If you must boast, boast about the Lord.

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Sunday Sermon for the Soul (SSS)


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