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The one person that can change your life.

The One Person that can Change Your life.
The person is no other person than Christ Jesus. Countless number of persons can testify today that when all seemed lost in their life, that Christ Jesus miraclously restored them. Does a woman without womb dream of having children but God has given womb to the wombless. Can a person without eyes be able to see, yes he can Christ is able to give new eyes.
That which is missing in your life, Christ can give it to you.
Can your life ever be better? Yes it can, and Christ Jesus can make it so. Can your country ever be great again? Yes it can, Christ Jesus is the one person who can change things for the better.
This message is for you, to encourage you to “look up”. Look up to the heavens for upliftment. Even when you have looked sideways for help and couldn’t find any, God can still send a helper.
Don’t ever lose hope. All is well.
Don’t forget to share this message to help promote the message of salvation.
Remain blessed
Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF)


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