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Finding Your Voice.


You do have a voice, every woman has her own unique voice. Your ideas

and opinions are relevant.


When called upon to give your opinions and ideas don't shy away from

it. When called upon to serve in any position don't doubt your

capacity and abilities, you can do it.


Find your own voice in the midst of the noisy crowd. Always remember

that your happiness is also important. In a relationship the happiness

of both parties forms the ultimate so always make sure that yours is

also represented.


In you are great potentials some yet to be unleashed. Being a woman

doesn't limit your impact, many women have succeeded in different

leadership positions and also in different aspects of human

endeavours. Don't let anyone talk you down or make you feel less than

yourself under the guise that you are a woman and women don't have

much to offer. Your voice counts!


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Remain blessed


Wednesday for the Winning Women (WWW)


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