Now is time to work!


I will not forget what my friend JP BornGreat told me sometime ago. He

said: “Listen this is the time for you to work. Work, work and work

towards your goal. This is not the time for relaxation and fun. The

time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labour is coming.”


This is the same thing am saying to you tonight. My dear as a youth

this is your prime time, the most productive period of your life.

Don't stop along the way, don't give up so easily. If this plan

doesn't work, plan another. I have said it before life is all about

strategizing and re-strategizing.


The secret to success is hardwork and perseverence. Work, work and

work, keep working. Keep doing those menial jobs and earning those

smaller wages, keep saving them whilst you plan for the greater

project ahead.


Be steadfast and diligent in your work, studies and business. Please

stop spending your hard earned money on frivolities, and “loose

ladies” Partying and clubbing!


Remain blessed

My Money Making Monday (MMMM)



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