The Promise.



There was a promise from the lips of a prophet the words proclaimed

was of the Lord's. He said that he is sending a Messiah who is going

to do wonders. The promise of the maker of the earth did manifest and

today we are reminded that He did make a promise and fulfilled it.


Do you know that God is not a man who makes promises and never fulfils

it. There are men out there who have made countless marriage promises

to different ladies and never fulfiled any. Also some women have made

similar promises also and never fulfilled it. Have you made a promise

to anyone? Are you willing to fulfill the promise you made.


Listen never you make a promise you won't fulfill, be true always. Are

you the type that use marriage promises to lure unsuspecting ladies to

your bed? Stop! God is not happy with you. Are you a lady that use in

the name of marriage and love to win favours, please stop. Either you

are or you are not, no more pretence.


Come oh Immanuel!


Remain blessed

Sunday Sermon for the Soul (SSS)



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