Be Patient, Don't Lose Hope(Jas 5:7-10)


Many people give up at the point when they were closest to victory.

This month I have seen about 3 suicide cases. One was on Friday, the

young man came to morning mass that morning and killed himself later

in the evening. The other one is a young woman with children and then

we also have the case of a student taking his own life.


Why all these suicide cases, why are people taking their lives. Why do

they give up. Frustration, impatience, ungodliness, spiritual

manipulations and many other reasons could be given for it but none is

worth a reason.


You my dear friend Be patient, don't lose hope. Don't let anything

push into committing suicide, or committing crime or even engaging in

sexual immorality. No matter how difficult your situation may be don't

lose patience. In Igbo language it's said “NDIDI BU OGWU UWA” meaning

patience is the antidote to life.


Another advice Be closer to God. With God you will overcome those problems.




Sunday Sermon 4 d Soul


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