inspiration, motivation

Find your ecological niche.

Everyone has his or her ecological niche, his own unique thing. As a writer I know my area, my own niche. I don’t write about everything but only on those categories I am good at.

You as a person you have your own niche. Find it. Where do you feel at home. A writer feels at home when he is writing. A priest feels at home when he is preaching. A painter feels at home when he is painting. A mother feels at home when she is taking care of the home, her children and her husband.

Find your niche. When we were in high school we were meant to choose between sciences and arts. Some chose science others chose arts but after sometime some art student cross-carpeted to sciences and vice versa. These people found out that where they chose wasn’t these niche, their home and had to change.

In life we are not meant to be good at everything but we must be best in something. Look inside and outside of you where do you think you will be fulfilled if you are there. In your niche what motivates you is passion and fulfilment.


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