Jesus is our king.

Christ is King.


When countries legalize same sex marriage and abortion they reject the

kingship of Christ. When leaders see their position as an opportunity

to enrich themselves they dethrone Christ and enthrone money. When

there is injustice in the land, it is not Christ reigning but greed

for he is a just God.


He is the king of our lives, of our country of our family and of our

universe. Acknowledge his kingship and give him the number one

position in your life. Christ Jesus is a loving king whose greatest

joy is to see his people happy.


Any leader who does not use his position to better the lives of his

people should get ready to be removed. God removed Saul and annointed

David as king he can still remove any present leader who doesn't

follow his instructions.


Christ is king but we through sin reject him. And anyone who rejects

Christ rejects life. Shun bribery and corruption, cheating, lying,

jealousy and all forms of sexual immorality. Amen.


Remain blessed


Sunday Sermon for the Soul (SSS)


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