Remember the Wages of Sin and flee from it.

Remember the Wages of Sin and flee from it.


Every sin has a punishment attached to it. For every sin we commit we

consciously condemn ourselves. That is why we have to reject satan and

all his pomps and works. Say no to his temptations to sin. He offers

us immediate pleasure or gain but beneath the pleasure is a hidden

punishment, eternal damnation, hell fire.


For instance lying will get you what you want but you stand condemned.

Fornication and masturbation will give you the pleasure you seek but

will send you to a place you do not seek to go. The wages our sins

will either be given to us here on earth or hereafter. We immediately

lose the Grace of God and Glory of Christ in us. We even become

susceptible to denomic attacks and manipulations. This is what sin

does to us it makes us naked and exposes us to our enemies.


Today being Friday we remind ourselves that Christ took it upon

himself to suffer and die for our sins. Let us now repent and be



Remain blessed


ThankGod its Friday (TGIF)


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