Where Will our Help Come From?

Our Help is in the Name of the Lord. (Ps 120)


Last week we met a woman who gave birth to triplets, but do you know

that this woman has been childless for 12 years. Can you endure 12

years of childlessness? What is that you are praying for and the

answer seems not on the way? How many years have you been praying for

a particular request?


Don't give up, don't relent. With the parable of the unjust judge

Jesus teaches us perseverence in prayer. Let this woman's case

encourage you to persevere in your own prayers.


Don't seek alternative means. This period of waiting is usually a

delicate period, satan usually comes with alternative ways of finding

solutions to your problem. Don't give in, don't engage in sinful or

illegal means to solve your problems.


Continue to seek the face of God. May God answer your prayers in Jesus

name Amen! Happy Sunday.


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help promote this message. Thanks


Remain blessed


Sunday Sermon for the Soul (SSS)


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