Thank God I did not die in My sins

Thank God I did not die in my sins.
This life you know is very unpredictable and mysterious. The one who is alive this minute could be dead the very next minute. That’s why one shouldn’t boast about tomorrow. Fr Johnmartins our secondary principal taught us to always add “if God willing” to all our future plans. If God willing we shall behold another Saturday tomorrow.
Sometimes when I offend the Lord and sin against him I ask myself what if I die now what will be my lot. But thanks be to God for his infinite mercy he never ceases to raise any who falls.
We should always have this at the back of our mind that we do not own our lives and as such can not say when we will die. Never should we postpone the day of our salvation. Never should we delay in returning to the Lord.
Have you offended God, return to him now. Don’t keep piling up sin to confess later. Confess now and be free. Say to the devil ” Get behind me satan I am returning to my God now”.
Remain blessed
ThankGod it’s Friday (TGIF)


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