The Seductive Woman

The Sexy and Seductive Woman,


I have come across her many times. She is very sexy and seductive. She

has a sensuous smile that sends men to the third heavens. Her curves

and shapes are well outlined, she doesn't joke with her body. Her body

is her God, she worships it, adores it. Her body is her power, she

uses it to seduce men. She never fails to use it to secure favour.


Men are very wary of her. She leads men to sin with her body. Lust,

lust, is written all over her. A glance at her and you are already

battling with lustful looking. And when you look at her and remember

Christ's word “whoever looks at a woman lustfully has already

committed adultery with her” you look away and struggle to have a pure

mind and thought.


She is the hot type. The fun seeking girl. She twerks and rocks. She

is the party girl, the club girl. She doesn't miss Friday night

parties whether it's happening on campus or off campus. She can rock

as many boys as she wants in a party. She is loose.


She objectifies herself, only good for fun and sex. She believes being

a woman is being sexy and seductive. This is what she learnt from the

media, the music industry sends this message to her always. The movie

industry too, the advertising industry even the society expects her to

be sexy and seductive. She wears seductive clothes, that exposes what

should be covered, outlining her shapes and curves in a seductive and

sexual manner. She knows the art of seduction very well. She is

worldly, carnal and follows worldly fashions.


She could be pretentious, good girl at home, bad girl outside. She

could be secretive, good girl on the outside but does terrible filthy

things in secret.


She follows worldly and bad examples. Her role models are the likes

Kim. Do you know her best song. Timaya's shake your bum bum and

flavour's nwa baby. Her best dance, twerking. Her best cloth mini

skirt. She has numerous sexual partners. One official boyfriend, 3

unofficial boyfriends, 4 friends for benefit and numerous sugar daddy.

This is the life of that sexy and seductive woman.


Dear winning woman please do not imitate this woman.

Do not envy her, she could be very rich and well connected I know

but…. There is a but.

Do not compare yourself with her.

Pray for her.


Do not aspire to be sexy and seductive, no, that is not what a child

of God should aspire for.

Aspire to be godly and beautiful. There is nothing wrong with being

beautiful but everything is wrong with being sexy and seductive. Let

men and women look at you and praise God for his wonderful creation

and not rejoice in satan's deception of the world.


May God give you the grace and strength to withstand the pressure of

the world and to be the godly woman he wants you to be. Amen


Dear Genius I invite you to like my facebook

www.facebook.com/GeniusPalace and help promote this message.


Remain blessed

I love you


Wednesday for all Winning Woman (WWW)


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