Gratitude is an Application for more

Always Be Thankful (1Thess 5:18)
In the hospital today I saw many with sad faces, many undergoing pain both physical and emotional. Looking for assurance that God has not abandoned them. But thanks be to God, we gave them the good news and their sad faces changed to smiling faces.
You are healthy, you are not hospitalized still you are complaining. Why? What has taken away “thank you Jesus from your lips”. Is any problem bigger than God?
Always be thankful in all circumstances. Failure or success, disappointment or appointment. Setback or progress.
God created you to give him glory and praise. Praise God, thank God, glorify God. Forget your pain, shame the devil. The devil wants you to stop praising God. That’s why he keeps reminding you of your problems, your unemployment, your childlessness.
This earth is temporal. Your final destination is heaven, where there is no more pain, no more tears. Be heavenly focused. Always be thankful.
Remain blessed
I love you
Sunday Sermon for the Soul (SSS)


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