Always be Thankful

That I can see, Thank you Lord!


Hello dear, good morning, welcome to Saturday 8th October 2016. Can

you take a moment and say thank you Lord for waking me up to a

beautiful Saturday morning.


Say “thank you Lord that I can see”. That you can see this my post is

because of the goodness of the Lord. That You have a facebook account,

you can whatsapp, you can skype, you can google is because you have

eyes that are functional. Don't play down the fact that you can see.

Say “thank you Lord that I can see”.


Why is it that I mcn am not blind? Am I too good, am I without sin? No

not at all. And whenever I see a blind begger I say to the Lord why am

I not a blind begger? Why is my prayer point not “Lord that I may see”

like blind Bartimeus. So instead of complaining of not having this or

that I have decided to thank the Lord for his goodness towards me.

Join me today!


I pray for all our brothers and sisters that are blind that the Lord

will heal them. Amen


Remain blessed


Saturday Morning Sunshine (SMS).


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