Why You Shouldn’t Give up Now

Kosisochukwu (As it Pleases God)


When the going gets tough the tough gets going. When you are in

abundance do not look down on those who are in want. If you are rich

don't despise the poor. If you are better than I am don't look down on



Do you not know that everything works for good for those who believe

in Jesus (Rom 8:28). Everything that happens in our life happens

because God permitted it. No one is outside of God's will.


Do not give up the fight now, wait on the Lord. God's time is the best.


I want you to learn something today being friday. That God allowed his

son Jesus to suffer and die on Good Friday for greater things and for

the good of man. It was not a mistake!


God allowed Job to be tempted and all he had taken away.

God allowed the great apostle Paul to go through various tribulations,

he was flogged, stoned, beaten to a pulp & left to die!


What pain has the permissive will of God allowed you to go through?

Don't give up on God.


Remain blessed


ThankGod it's Friday(TGIF)


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