Business Secret

Customer Satisfaction Comes First.
If you want to be far ahead of your
competitors you must be far ahead of
them in customer satisfaction. Whether
you are buying and selling physical goods or rendering services this should
be your number one priority. Satisfy your
customer, give them the best of what
they seek for. Develop a seller-buyer
relationship based on trust.
: Honestly whenever I go out to buy
something and the seller treats me well
and satisfies my desires, I will always go
back there again also I will direct others
to that particular seller. This is one of the
benefits of satisfying your customers. Don’t aim for one time buyers, aim for all
time buyers. Customers that will keep
coming back again and again.
Sometimes even if you don’t have the
particular product they are looking for
they would rather wait than buy from another person.
Cheating is very bad, you lose many
potential customers and also you bring
curses upon your business. Avoid it!
: Remain blessed
My Money Making Monday(MMMM).


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