MODESTY: Dressing to honour God or to honour Satan.


Is my dressing covering my body or exposing it? Is it Tempting people

or saving them, inviting lust or inviting love? Is it honouring satan

or God. These are questions we should be asking ourselves when it

comes to modesty in clothing.


Many children of God do not know that indecent dressing is one of the

ways in which satan uses to drag souls to his kingdom. Many who follow

worldly fashion sheepishly do not know that are already his agents,

working to win souls for lucifer. Be careful!


Those ministers of God that hardly correct their erring members for

fear of loosing them are digging their own grave. Many men of God have

been brought down by these agents of darkness disguising as “sisters

in the Lord”.

Be warned!


They don't come to church to worship God but rather to distract men

and drag the weak ones down. And so many of our sisters have joined

them in dressing seductively, thinking it's normal. It's not normal,

it's demonic!

To be continued.



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