12 Steps to Achieving your Dreams (THE ACHIEVERS PRINCIPLES).

12 Steps to Achieving your Dreams. (III)



Take this step Act like and towards your dreams.

Remember this!

“Act like your dream”

“Act towards your dream”.

To act like your dream is to imbibe those characters, behaviours,

discipline, traits that are peculiar to your dreams.

To act towards your dreams means to make all the necessary sacrifices

and work required to bring it to reality.

Example, for a potential writer, he writes, talks, thinks, behaves

like a writer. Such a person joins writers club, enters essay

competitions etc.

What about you?


Do you know that your dream is already a reality to some. You wish to

be a successful business man, already there are many successful

business men and women. Now, go to those who have made it in your

field and seek advice from them. Potential writers, go to writers.



Research about your chosen field. Gather all the information you need

to know about it. Great achievers seek and they find.


To be continued.

Now smile for Jesus.

mcn loves you.


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