6 Ways to Deepen your Relationship with God.

6 Ways to Deepen your Relationship with God. (II)



Listening to inspired and annointed messages nourishes and builds up

your spirit & faith. There are many inspired messages both in audio &

video, Gospel songs and films. Fill your phones and laptops with them,

listen to them. Get rid of all those worldly songs & videos that only

inspires you to think about money, women and sex! Form the habit of

listening to Gospel songs when you wake up in the morning, it helps

you start the day in the presense of God. Go to mass daily & listen to

the word of God.



Yes, the way you view God determines your relationship with him.

See God as,

Your father,

Your friend,

Your lover,

Your Lord,

Your Saviour,

God is not one giant being living far away in the sky, ok?

He loves you very much, he is close to you, he is there with you as

you are reading this, waiting to hear from you, talk to him. Draw

closer to him, ok?


To be continued

Smile for Jesus


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