Be positive, be strong, be optimistic. Even though What you are

experiencing in life is not really what you bargained for. All you can

see around you is pains, disappointments, struggles and setbacks. But

will it end there?


To overcome this situation you have to make a conscious decision to be



Understand today that life is a mixture of sad and happy moments. If

you are going through a sad one now, know it that a happy moment will

follow suit. It will not continue this way!


But before that moment arrives, I want you to be positive and happy,

now! If you allow negativity to rule your life you may not live to see

that moment. Or you may miss it when it arrives because of your



Simplify your life today and choose to be positive.


You can still walk through hell with a smile. You can still be happy

even though you are daily dealing with obstacles.


Be positive,

You are a child of God & he didn't bring you to earth to suffer.


Now smile, ok?

We love U



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