Last December we celebrated Christmas, marking the birth of the

Messiah. By March this year we shall be celebrating his death and

resurrection. All these events took place for a reason.


That you my friend might be saved.

That you might reach heaven.

That you might have eternal life.

That you might see God as he really is.


Some day in the future I will die, you too will also die. After our

death where will our soul go to, heaven or hell? I choose Heaven. AND

YOU where have you chosen?


Today, my dear choose to be saved.

Choose heaven, eternal life. Choose Jesus.


The world & all that is in it is passing away. Nothing on earth will

remain forever, you inclusive.


Let us go therefore and reject worldly pleasures, those ephemeral

pleasures that deny us eternal life. Love of money, ungodly women,

gossiping, envy, hatred, sexual immorality, drunkness and other vices.


May God the Father of our Lord Jesus give us the grace to lead a godly

life. Amen

Remain blessed.

Now smile 4 JESUS



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