Refuse to be a party to the killing of helpless unborn babies.

Everyone conceived in the womb has the right to live.


That you are alive today is because your Mother chose life. Had she

seen you as unwanted and a source of discomfort she would have aborted



If every unmarried person today choses abstinence, teenage and

unwanted pregnancy would not be an issue.


Fornication leads to pregnancy & pregnancy leads to abortion.

And Abortion is evil. Abortion is murder.

Abortion is a grave sin.


Today choose abstinence

Today choose not to give the devil a chance to ruin your life.


If you have never slept with anyone, you will never be afraid of

impregnanting anyone or being pregnant, abortion issue isn't for you.


Has anyone made a mistake & is pregnant? Repent of your sin & do not

abort the child. God loves you.


Rape is a crime. If you have uncontrollable sexual urge go & seek

medical & spiritual help! Let the child conceived from rape live, do

not take the place of God.



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