There are individuals I refer to as toxic

persons. Your association with them will

always demoralize you. These people are

forever negative. Once they cannot do something they quickly conclude no one

can ever do it. Once they see you trying

to achieve something they failed at or

simply don't want to engage in, they will

move in to discourage or distract you.

Avoid them, toxic human beings. :

Who said no one can be holy? Is holiness

impossible? And my dear please reject

the toxic persons belief that no one can

be righteous. Without holiness no one

can see the Lord. Does it mean that you will not see the Lord after

all the suffering

and pain you've been undergoing on



Let no one deceive you, let no one

discourage you! Choose to be holy. Choose to be righteous.


Take up this challenge, go against the

popular negative belief. Choose holiness.


Reject sin, reject satan and all his pomps and works. You can do it, I

believe you

can. I have chosen holiness, lets do this




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