Perhaps you have encountered very selfish individual in the society,

all they are after is their own good, their stomach. Whether all the

people around him or her is suffering or starving is non of his



Today choose never to be like that individual, choose to be good always.


No matter the pain you are undergoing now don't take advantage of

anyone. Don't because of poverty cause another human being pain.

Choose to be good irrespective of your situation. Don't cheat your

customer, don't cheat your wife/husband.


Your life is in your hands, your being is what you make of it. Make

good choices & decisions today, you can be good if you want to, you

just have to make that choice to be good always.


Take up this challenge today, challenge the society today that someone

can still be good. Challenge yourself, say “I choose to be good”.


Are you the richest person on earth today? Choose to be good. Let not

your riches take away your good nature.


You are A good person,

So Smile



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