Happiness is your portion, happiness is for your possession. You shall

forever be happy. Be happy.


Even though you are going through difficult times, choose to be happy.

Even though things are very hard for you and your family, please dear

choose to be happy.


Life can be painful at times, life can be very challenging, but let

that not stop you from being happy.


Say to yourself “I choose to be happy. No matter my situation I choose

to be happy”. You are suffering and it's not been easy for you, but

then reject sadness and accept to be happy irrespective of your



Say to yourself, I know I am passing through a difficult stage in my

life but I will not be sad, I will be happy. I refuse to be sad, I

choose to be happy. MEAN IT!


He also told them, “Go eat the best food, drink the best wine, and

give something to those who have nothing, since this day is holy to

our Lord. Don't be sorrowful, because the joy of the LORD is your

strength.” (Nehemia 8:10)




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