A secret sin, In secret it is carried out, away from the eyes of men

but never away from God. A trap that many who do not engage in sexual

relationship fall into. Pure on the outside but dirty inside. Some

pride themselves as virgins but are held down by the spirit of



Promoted by the devil and his agents as good for men and women, giving

stupid reasons, but in reality it's demonic and deadly. Don't be

deceived masturbation is evil.


Masturbation is a sin,

Masturbation is cheating,

Masturbation is not an alternative to sex,

Masturbation kills your conscience,

Masturbation makes you dirty,

Masturbation KILLS YOUR SOUL,


You will not fall into this trap of the enemy. You have a stronger

spirit, the Spirit of God is stronger than the spirit of masturbation.


And for any who have fallen into it, you have escaped. You are free,

whoever sins is a slave to sin but whoever the son of man sets free is

free indeed (John 8:36). You are free in Jesus name, Amen!




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