Lovers driven by their love tend to imitate each others character.

Speaking and acting like the other.


So also One who truly loves Christ imitates Christ, acts and behaves

like Christ. The life he is living is no longer his life but Christ

Jesus living in him.


When your love for Christ is true love, you begin to manifest the

glory of Christ. Your life becomes a Gospel to the nation. You have

never preached in words, but you have preached and converted souls in



What our God desires are true lovers, doers of the word and not merely

preachers. A love which sacrifices his comfort for the sake of puting

a smile on the face of the beloved. If you truly love Christ as you

have professed certainly you will make sacrifices. A selfless love,

not the selfish love some persons practise. The selfish love of “if

you truly love me then prove it by sleeping with me”. Not the selfish

love of “you must get pregnant first before I pay your bride price.


Love truly and be blessed.




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