Ichabod: His Glory Shall not Depart from us.

Ichabod:His Glory shall not Depart


When God's glory enshrouds you, you become untouchable, no man or

spirit can harm you. All the spiritual attack from your enemy can

never hurt you.


But what happens when it departs from you? The worse happens, You

become open to your enemies attack. When God's glory left the

Isrealites, their enemies, the Philistines defeated them in battle.

And foolishly they brought the ark of the covenant to the battle field

thinking that God will give them victory. They were not only

defeated, the ark of the covenant was captured.


What had happened? The Glory had left them. Why did the glory leave

them? They had made sin a culture, a lifestyle and had refused to

repent. This same thing will happen to any of us believers that

embraces sins. Even if you carry annointing oil, holy water, all the

sacramentals into the battlefield the devil will still defeat you and

make mockery of all the things you are carrying.


But this shall never be our portion. God's glory is ours!



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