The king that was born in Bethlehem was

not restricted to the rich and famous, to

the educated and elites, He was for all. :

The shepherd came to worship him same

way the magi came, the magi came with

expensive gifts and so much splendor

and power but the shepherd came with

their lamb and lamp. The Holy family welcomed all, and treated all the same.


In the kingdom of God there is class, no

race, no gender, no status, all are equal

and share equally the same spirit.

: Let no poor man say I cannot go to

church because I have no money, I

cannot go because I have no cloth. Let

no rich man think he is too rich to go early

and participate actively in parish

activities. Let no minister honour the rich more than the poor.


Peter and John were ordinary men of no

education but their only qualification was

that they were with Jesus. They

commanded respect and were full of wisdom & knowledge which only God can

give. Paul was very learned & was the

same as they.


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