Many prominent men and women has

been assassinated in the past, with all

accusing fingers pointing at the

government of the day. Many of those who are killed are those perceived to be

enemies of the government, those who

speak the truth irrespective of who is



Just because there was report of the birth of another king greater than him,

Herod murdered helpless kids. Power

corrupts, and in the case of Herod his

was that of intoxicating


We should always be weary of the decisions we make, some of them might

have arisen from evil desires, and the

end will never be good for any whose

desires are evil.


The desire to be king forever, which is impossible made Herod murder those

innocents children. The desire to act as

they like with nobody questioning them

have made many of our leaders soil their


* Jealousy and envy have caused many to

plot for the downfall of their friends.

Some of the problems we are facing as a

nation arises from evil desires of some.


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