Spreading The Joy of Bethlehem.


When the shepherds left the Holy Family

and headed back to their base, they sang

praises as they went back. People who

saw them must have asked the reason

for the joy they were expressing. If only the world understands the mystery

of his birth, we will never stop

celebrating. The truth is “Christ Jesus is

in our midst”. Now its time for us to cast

all our anxieties aside and embrace joy,

let go of your worries and embrace the peace of Christ.

Be Joyful, be Happy, should anything try

to take away your joy, inform him that the

maker of heaven and earth is here on

earth, for your sake.

That for God so loved the world that he sent his only son to bring joy to the

sorrowful, hope to hopeless, wealth to

the poor, healing to the sick, salvation to

the sinners is “no joke”.

From today onwards spread the joy of

Bethlehem. Tell people that God is the source of your joy, the source of your

strength. Tell people about Jesus.

Let your live be a Gospel to the nations.


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