That you haven't received it yet doesn't mean it's not coming. When

the prophetic lips of Isaiah proclaimed to Ahaz that a special child

is coming to the rescue of the Lord's people. It took about 600 years

for that promise to come to pass. That child was born and he did

fulfil his destiny.

If it's taking too long to come believe it to be a sign that it will

be greater than you expected. When the child was born his destiny

extended far beyond the nation of Isreal. That story is also your


This is the “waiting” period, do not let frustration to enter into the

picture rather fill it with “expectation”. As you await for your time

to manifest give thanks and praises to God for the promised blessings.

This is how your story will be written:

(scene 1) PREPARATION:

This is where you are now, the preparatory stage. Here you are being

prepared for the future accomplishments, which may involve some hard

trainings and rough handling. Nevertheless each is meant to mould you.

To be cont.




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