Times without number our Lord has proven beyond doubt that he is a God

of impossibilities. The God who makes a way where there is no way. The

lord who gives you a job where there is no vacancy, who gives you a

spouse where there is scarcity of suitors. The Lord who gives you

admission where there is no space left.

Is anything impossible for the Lord to do? No, nothing is impossible

with God. How can a jar of oil not finish and a bowl of flour not run

out. How can a man who has been long buried come back to life. How

possible is it that a Virgin can conceive and bear a child and still

remain a virgin. And I ask again, is anything impossible for God to


What are you asking God for, believe that he can and will do it for

you, even if the prevailing circumstances doesnot agree so. Do not

worry or start analyzing how he would do it. He can do it in so many

ways and all are his ways. He cured the blind by by his spittle, by

his touch, by his words. Miracles still happen and its your turn.




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