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A certain rich man received a letter from armed robbers. The letter was to inform him that they will be coming to his house that night and that he should keep the sum of $50, 000 his son sent to him for them. The man became apprehensive and decided to act fast. Armed robbers have turned his house into a business center, they now pay a visit more than his friends do. He went to his friend’s house and borrowed a double barrel gun, sent his wife and children to his friend’s house for the time being. Night came and the man positioned himself in a place where he can get a clear view of the entrance gate. Immediately the robbers arrived and broke through the gate the man began to release the bullets on them. At the end, he defeated them.
And you dear believer should imbibe same strategy. You already know the evil one will come with his temptation so stand ready for him. You are very much aware of the sins you commit most, now keep watch and do not let them defeat you again. Sending your wife and children away, stands for doing away with your weak point and distractions. You who or what they are already.
Find out where the entrance gate is and load your gun opposite it. It could your tongue with which you lie; or maybe your eyes with which you sin lustfully. Find out where they usually attack you from and stand ready for battle. While watching out for your enemy, be prayerful. Pray at all times.
Be watchful, watch at all times. Since you are aware that a particular link will lead you to an obscene site, leave it. Watch out for that person whose company or association leads you to sin. Watch out for that place, house, movie etc that is the source of temptation and do away with it. Keep watch and Pray.
Remain abundantly Blessed.
“Keep Watch and Pray That You Will not Fall into Temptation. The Spirit is Willing but the Flesh Is Weak.”
(Matt. 26:41).


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