STORY OF MY LIFE: (Chapter 1) ¤ "The Iyke I know" (PART 1). ¤

STORY OF MY LIFE: (Chapter 1) ¤

“The Iyke I know” (PART 1). ¤

I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish he didn’t trust me so much. -Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta. ¤
It was a cold and chilly morning. The sky was gloomy and the trees were busy dancing to the tune provided by the wind. It seems the trees were enjoying the beat but the sky wasn’t enjoying the show. Taking a closer look at the sky one would see a saddened face, frowning and ready to cry.
“Today the city will experience strong winds and heavy downpour, so please take your umbrella with you or better still, stay back at home.” The radio presenter announced.
“Oh no I can’t stay indoors I need to go and collect those documents”, I hissed.
I quickly rushed back to the bedroom to collect my umbrella. Just as if to warn me of the impending danger of my adventure, immediately I entered the room the sky roared in anger and flashed it’s electric light. The power distributing company in obedience to nature decided cut off its own electric power supply leaving me in a dimly lit room.
“This ain’t funny at all, it isn’t. If it’s a joke please stop it ooh.” I pleaded to my invicible companions.
I made for the louvres and opened them to allow the light rays to illuminate the room just enough for me to find my umbrella and leave.
Mission accomplished I dashed out with my car keys and yelled at my security man, “open the gate Akpan”!
“Yes madam” Akpan shouted.
He rushed out of his little “office” holding his trousers with one hand and the ball of ‘eba’ he was enjoying in the other hand.
“Eba in the morning, Eba in the afternoon, Eba in the night. When will you change Akpan.” I pondered.
He must be wondering what must have made his Madam to rush out in such manner, on a work free day, and under an unfriendly weather.
“Madam e be like say e go rain wela today ooh, make I give you umbrella, incase of any ‘incasity’.”
I smiled at him and gave him a thanks for the offer look.
“Don’t worry Akpan I didn’t come out unarmed, I have my umbrella.” I replied him. And please to avoid ‘incase of any incasity’ take it easy on me with your grammer ok. I don’t want to die of laughter.”
Yes Madam, from today no more big big grammers. He replied.
I sped off into the streets determined to accomplish my mission before the sky starts shedding tears. Driving through the streets I could see the urgency in everyone’s face, all were determined, like I was, to make it to their destination before the rain starts pouring down. And suddenly something caught my attention.
“That face looks familiar, is it someone I know”? I mused.
There was no time to waste I needed to get those documents ready before the start of work tomorrow. I decided not to come down and find out the who that was.
“I will try and check on it on my way back.” I finally concluded.
Luckily for me Judith was at home and had concluded her own part in the verification of the documents.
“Maria You have to go through it today and make sure its ready before tomorrow, boss will surelly ask of it tomorrow. The company wants the deal to be closed as as soon as possible.” She informed me as she handed the pile of papers to me.
“Yes Judith I know, that’s why I had to come not minding the weather condition. I just hope the rain doesn’t start untill I reach home and even if it does let it not be so bad as to hinder me from driving home.” I replied.
“Yes, you have to start going now but before that permit me to offer you a cup of coffee. It’s cold and it’s not good for you to go back home without taking anything. Please?” She pleaded.
“No thanks, I can’t I have to go now maybe some other time, Ok”?
“Alright take care make sure you drive carefuly, no over speeding. Life is too short I don’t wanna lose you Ok.” She said amidst smiles as I made my way back to my car. I smiled back at her and waved her goodbye. The atmosphere was getting darker and it was already drizzling. As I drove back home I remembered what had caught my attention earlier on. I decided to check on it and confirm whether it’s someone I know or not.
On the wall was a bold inscription “POST NO BILL”. But that warning was not enough to wade off posters instead it attracted more of it.
“But why do I feel so uneasy? What is so special about this particular poster”?
“Maria-Goretti you are fidgeting, why”? I asked my very self. I could hear my heartbeat for it has become so loud. I felt dizzy and weak, still unable to explain what was happening to me. I came closer to the wall and what I saw I didn’t expect. And I screamed,
“What! Iyke, No!” .
……to be continued .

My Name is Maria Goretti Nwachukwu and this is the “Story of My Life.” .

Maria Rosa Mystica Pray for us .


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