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** Is everyone a Genius**

To some people those of them that write motivational and inspirational books are merely making their money. Earning their living. They will always tell you *” you are a Genius , you are a leader, you were born to rule etc” *.
But come to think of it , if everyone becomes a leader, A Genius, who becomes the follower? Everyone would be amazed with his own invention no time to take a look at some other person’s own. Every youth becomes a leader, every woman Margareth thatcher,every young man becomes Warren Buffet, Bill Gates etc, hmmmm what a world that would be. So you don’t have to blame them for thinking so.
But if i may ask, is everyone a Genius. Thats a question not many can answer, some may attempt to answer it but along the way back down. John Mason will always give you his nuggets on how to be A great man, Ben Carson will always tell you to “think big” and then i will tell you to unleash the Genius in you.
I will say ‘yes’ to that question, +everyone is a Genius+. Going by what the Bible tells us that some were given ten talents, some five, some two and some others only one, it then appears to me that the human race is gifted in different ways. You can never be Bill Gates , never, you are you. Its the you in you that makes you the you that you are and not the Bill Gates in you. If you were given one talent its expected that you develop it, you are a Genius in you own little world. Warren Buffet is a good business man truly, but what about you, are you the best in your line of work,business etc. You are a tailor ,but are you the best tailor thats what you should ask yourself. If Warren Buffet wants to sew a dress he goes to the best and the same goes for everyone, we need each other. You are Genius in your own little way , i have not seen anyone that was born an adult . You were a child before adulthood,

to be continued……..


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